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PACT Technologies Consulting & Trading GmbH, presents itself as an all-inclusive technology consulting company with its roots in Austria. The company headquarters are in the Austrian province of Tyrol, from where we coordinate a close network of subsidiaries and partner companies.

PACT was founded in 2003 when a group of specialists joined forces to offer services in the areas of energy analysis and optimization. Our earliest business success was based on evaluation, selection and implementation of the most up-to-date technologies.

In the subsequent years PACT’ s successful consulting approach was extended to the engineering, manufacturing and innovation sectors. Our customers today are principally companies with high-order product and service portfolios that trust in the experience and ideas of our young team as they develop a long-running business relationship together.

In recent years we have also gained partners among other technology companies, research institutes and manufacturing and commercial enterprises, both in Austria and abroad.

With PACT prototyping, PACT is now able to offer state-of-the-art technology in the 3D prototyping and 3D design sector and the latest product development options.


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